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Jan. 8, 2022, 1:25 p.m. | Danish Saleem

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🎯 Identify your niche and learn the right skills for the specific niche.

💼 Build an attractive portfolio

🌐 Grow your online presence

📣 Ask for referrals don’t wait for them

🤝 Cultivate repeat business so that you can get regular work from pervious clients

💰 Know your worth and charge accordingly

🛠️ Revise your rates, portfolio and skills regularly

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Azure Cloud Engineer (Remote)

@ Rackspace | United States - San Antonio

Principal React Native Mobile Engineer

@ Plastiq | Remote - USA

GCP Cloud Architect (Remote - Canada)

@ Rackspace | Canada - Remote

AWS Cloud Architect (Remote)

@ Rackspace | United States - San Antonio

Implementation Specialist

@ Paubox | San Francisco, CA

Junior Project Manager

@ Welocalize | Greece, Remote