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May 12, 2022, 9:10 p.m. | /u/futurewildlifevet

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I've been working ay a company remotely for almost 2 years now through an outsourcing company - which means I live in a third world country where the currency isn't worth shit and work for Americans so they're actually underpaying but in my country it's a pretty good pay. I made the decision to move to a European country (will begin in a volunteer program) and got fired from my job because they didn't want to deal with the time …

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Customer Success Manager - LATAM

@ CloudTalk | Remote - Mexico

Senior Business Development - Tech, Amazon Just Walk Out Technology - 3P Services

@ Amazon.com | US, WA, Virtual Location - Washington

Senior Accountant (Seattle, WA)

@ DomainTools | Remote - Seattle, Washington, United States

Demand Generation Manager

@ CARTO | London, England, United Kingdom

Staff Software Engineer, Mobile

@ Airbase | Remote, Latin America

Staff Software Engineer, Backend

@ Airbase | Remote, Latin America