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Jan. 13, 2022, 10:31 p.m. | /u/DtownLAX

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(Sorry if it's TMI with sharing income, I know that can be taboo)

We've just never really left the US besides some vacations to Mexico so really have no idea what expenses look like for digital nomads.

I know most destinations are going to have a much lower COL from where we currently are but I'm curious to hear from anyone who was in a similar salary bracket on how comfortable you were able to live abroad & where you'd recommend staying for extended visits?

Looking at some month to …

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Senior Software Engineer, Developer Productivity - Tock (Remote)

@ Squarespace | Remote, United States

Senior Software Engineer (Frontend) - Tock (Remote)

@ Squarespace | Remote, United States

Director of Business Development, Life Science

@ Vault | Remote

Software Engineer - Tock (Remote)

@ Squarespace | Remote, United States

Client Implementation Manager

@ Vault | Remote

Senior Software Engineer, Business Products (Remote)

@ Squarespace | Remote, United States